Simple Record Keeping and Budgeting for Farmers is a quick and simple budgeting and record keeping tool for farmers. Forecast your expected profit, then keep track of your costs and sales to check you stay in the black. Give it a go now!

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Saving you money

Track profitability throughout the year and have the facts available at a glance, even when you're out and about on the farm.

Suitable for all farmers but especially small and medium sized family or single operator farms. won't break the bank as you're not paying over the odds for features you don't need.

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Saving you time is very quick and easy to use. There's no software to install, no complicated program to learn and you can even use it on your phone.

Record keeping for farm inspections to help you pass your grain assurance or other annual checks.

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Helping you plan

Adjust expected yield and sale price to see at a glance the break even point.

Once the yield is known and all the jobs/expenses are input against the activity, you can then see the price you need to sell for, in order to make a profit.

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How it works:

No software to install, no steep learning curve.
We've designed to be extremely quick and simple.

1. Add your enterprise (i.e. 100 acres of wheat)

Add what you're farming, how much and your target yield/selling price.

2. Enter your costs

Then enter the costs you expect to incur - we'll make some suggestsions to help you.

3. Forecast your sales

Add in forecasted and actual sales, including dates and prices to create a cashflow forecast.

It's really that simple!

You can then tweak the yield and sale price figures during the year to help you decide if a crop is worth investing more time and resources into growing, and what yield / price you need to sell for in order to generate a profit per acre.

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