Farm Budgets and Forecasting in 5 minutes or less

Getting started with FarmBudgets is very easy and this guide will quickly walk you through the steps required to get up and running in less than 5 minutes. Hopefully the benefits of using farm budgeting software, and FarmBudgets in particular, will then become abundantly clear.


First click the signup to FarmBudgets where you're asked a few questions about what you're growing, the cropping area, desired yield and the price you're hoping to sell for.



Click 'Submit' to continue.

You're then asked to enter your email address and agree to our terms and privacy policy.



Once completed you'll be shown your forecasted income based on the information you've provided.



Adding Costs

You're already half way to creating your first crop in FarmBudgets. The next step is assigning some costs, these are the various jobs/inputs required to grow the crop. We've made a few quick suggestions to help get you started. You can review these figures and change as appropriate to you, or just stick with our sample figures to get started. You can always add further costs or revise later on as your variable inputs become clearer or costs change.

Before you can see your new budget you need to choose a membership that suits you. We're currently running a promotion that lets you sign up for 12 months for free, so just pick the farm size that suits you and enter the promocode to avoid the need for entering credit card details at this stage.


Your Dashboard

You're then taken to your dashboard with your newly created Crop. We've given it the name 'My Crop' but you can of course edit this and change the name to something more appropriate such as the field name.

When your crops span multiple years they are broken down into seperate tabs based on the date you started the crop.

You have a number of different buttons on the crop dashboard which allow you to:

  • View the crop details
  • View the crop jobs/inputs
  • View the crop harvest/sales
  • View crop performance
Crop Details

The details screen is basically your budgeting information and shows details of the crop, cropping area, expected yield and selling price and therefore associated profit once the costs have been taken into account. If you are growing a crop we have price data for this will also be displayed, alongside a graph showing historial price trends. This page is really handy if you want to quickly fiddle with the figures to see how variations in yield and price affect your bottom line. You can also quickly establish the price/yield you need to achieve in order to make a profit.


Adding/Editing Jobs

The next tab shows jobs/inputs. These are the costs you entered during signup. You can revise their values here or add any new ones.

When adding a new job you can also include further information such as the Wind Direction, weather conditions and any other notes which might prove useful for crop inspections or other reporting you need to do.

Harvest Totals and Tracking Sales

The harvest tab is where you store details of the final harvest quantity alongside the sales you've made to date. This screen helps you very simply keep track of what's been sold and where to, alongside the price achieved. These figures are then pulled through to the results tab.


The results tab then shows your predicted profit compared to your actual current profit (based on your sales quantities and prices), so you can quickly see how accurate your budget forecast was.

There are lots more features but this pretty much sums up the essence of FarmBudgets. A tool designed to help you keep track of your farming activities from a budgetting perspective to help ensure your achieving the best possible return per hectare for your efforts and most importantly you're in control of and understand your figures both projected and real.