Exporting your Farm Budgets Data

To export your crop data and all it's costs/jobs and sales, including financial budgeting information, just follow these simple steps.

You can now export your crop data from FarmBudgets really easily. Ideal if you want to print out a report and show to someone (for example a contractor or agronomist). It's also great for sharing your crop data with other tools and systems you might use.

When you are viewing your crop details you'll see a new icon as shown below.

Clicking on this icon brings up a window where you're asked for the export format (currently we only have PDF, but we'll be introducing more formats shortly, including CSV/Excel).

You can also choose which data you'd like to export. The reason being you might not want to share all your financial information with employees or contractors.

Click 'Download' and wait a few moments whilst your download generates and you should see a file downloads itself automatically (depending on your browser) to your downloads folder. You can now click on this file to view it and print etc.

If you have any specific data export requirements which would be useful please do let us know and we'll see if we can help.