Become a Partner

Help spread the word about FarmBudgets and receive a revenue share for all the users you introduce to us, whilst helping to keep farming fun and profitable for your audience.


The Problem

Mental health is a growing epidemic in our society and stress is extremely prevalent in farming as so much is out of our control.

Tight margins add to the worry of farming so accurate figures are essential, however existing solutions are too complicated and expensive for smaller farmers in particular.


The Solution

FarmBudgets is a farmer-lead development on a web platform where farmers can:

  • Reliably monitor their costs to date
  • Assess their profitability
  • Make informed future decisions
  • Benefit from industry insights
  • View current grain prices
  • Keep day to day records


Who's Eligible to become a Partner?

If you have an audience in the farming community (however big) who you feel would benefit from our software then we want to here from you. We can create you landing pages, offer link backs, dedicated promo codes for discounts. Please just contact us to discuss becoming a FarmBudgets partner.


The Benefits of becoming a Partner

The benefits to farmers are clear, but it's also really important to us that our partners benefit when introducing new users to our platform.

Partner benefits include:

  • Receive a revenue share for all users you introduce to us
  • Strengthen your offering by taking advantage of FarmBudgets tools and services and offering them to your audience
  • Give your audience exclusive discount codes with preferential FarmBudgets prices for your customers
  • Help your audience save money on their farming software
  • Receive anonymised industry insight information
  • Help improve the mental health of your audience by introducing good bugetting practises and helping them sleep well at night in the knowledge they have their essential business information at their fingertips
  • A mention in our partners section.


Partner Integrations

We can offer widgets, affiliate links, exclusive promo codes and even APIs, whitelabel solutions and SSO integration. Please just contact us to discuss how we can integrate with your existing app, website or audience.

With your help we can revolutionise farm software by making an essential tool which is affordable for even the smallest farmer and help the farming community stay healthy, happy and running profitable businesses.

Please contact us now at [email protected] or give us a call on 01179 680989 to learn more or discuss how we can work together.