Using the "Quantity" field when adding a Crop

We know different farms need to work in different ways depending on what they're growing and how they're growing it. That's why we've developed FarmBudgets to be extremely versatile so that things can be simple, however you need to use it. 

However we appreciate that sometimes simple can leave you guessing - so please read the examples below to find the one that best suits your business for inspiration on how to use the Quantity field.

Quantity field options

The Quantity field asks you to fill in a number followed by a measurement - either acres, hectares, kgs or units.

Farming by KG

If you farm in a way which means you know you're growing X amount of kgs of produce, select the KG option from the Quantity drop down. This is useful for people growing on a smaller scale, or in a smaller amount of polytunnels and are basically growing on land which they don't measure in acres/hectares.

Farm by the acre/hectare

If you plant crops on your land and you measure that land in acres or hectares, you probably want to select acres or hectares from the quantity drop down. This will then let you enter an expected yield in tonnes or kgs. So if you plant 10 acres of your crop, and know that you expect to get 5 tonnes from each acre, use the Quantity field like this.

Farming by Unit

If you grow in a way which means you manage, or need to produce, a set amount of units, you can select Unit on the quantity field. This is useful for people who hope to be producing a set amount of plants, crates, punnets or "products". Similarly it can be used for keeping track of multiple polytunnels if you work in polytunnes / growing environments rather than acres/hectares.